Solid Dish Soap Block

Ditch the plastic bottle! Squeaky clean dishes, mild on hands!


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Do you want to ditch that plastic bottle at the sink? Are you looking for a more eco~friendly way to clean those dishes, glasses, pots, and pans that you wash by hand? Have you been curious to try out a solid dish soap, but you hear feedback about a film on your stainless steel? Heard feedback about how drying it was on your hands? I did hear that feedback (experienced it myself), so I formulated a solid dish soap block that cleans extremely well (even melted cheese baked on!), rinses clean, AND is mild on your hands! These Solid Dish Soaps are long lasting, non-toxic, and NO PLASTIC BOTTLE!!!  NON-TOXIC….can be used to wash your fruits and vegetables, just rinse the soap off and eat! For soaking extra needs pots and pans, just shave a little off the bar into the pan fill with hot water and go back 10 minutes later and wash! Does a great job of cleaning the stove and counter tops as well!

Ingredients; olive oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil, water, sodium hydroxide, D-limonene (from orange peels), castor oil.


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